Vision 24



Who and what are we about?

Music School... 

We are a Music School, which works together with various private Music Tutors teaching people of all ages to become the best musicians they can be in the following disciplines:

  • Guitar
  • Piano/Keyboard
  • Singing
  • Bass
  • Drums

The focus is on having fun, but also efficiency and professionalism.

As part of the Music School we offer our students the opportunity of a lifetime every year to be able to play with a professional band on a stage like "The Barnyard", with all the lughts and sound, in front of a crowd...A real performance opportunity.

But even more than that we try and teach our students that it is not just about "me", but also that we need to GIVE BACK to the community.  So in the light of that we do a fundraiser as part of the show each year.

This year (2017) the show will be at "The Rockwood Theatre" and we are raising funds for a project within the "Potato Foundation"

For any more information on how to become part of the fundraisers and shows we do, please send us an email or give Werner a call.  It takes a whole community to raise young people to be able to make a difference in this world....

Live Music...

Vision24 has been involved in various Live Music events over the years.

We provide Live Music for pretty much anything that might need some good Live Entertainment.

Everything from small private functions, house warmings, birthday parties to weddings and corporate functions and even restaurants.

We are able to provide different options to our clients depending on the function and budget, anything from a one man band (all backtracks used), to full band setups.

Sound equipment hire...

At Vision24 we also hire out basic sound equipment and help with sound requirements for various small to medium functions/events.


Vision24 is also very much involved with worship and it is our aim to help as many music students that would like to get involved in the worship arena.  To teach and show what it is really about and "disciple" them in that.